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By Tax Compliance we mean the degree to which a taxpayer complies with the standing tax rules. The taxpayer can be either a legal or physical person.


For example, various tax compliance issues include...

  • Declaring the correct taxable income
  • Filling of tax returns in a timely manner
  • Paying any tax due promptly
  • Adhering to the related laws and circulars
  • Claiming expenses that are indeed allowable

If this is your situation...

  • You are planning for an inbound or outbound investment
  • You have questions about the tax treatment of specific items
  • You are unsure of your or your company’s rights and obligations relating to taxation
  • Every year you pay excessive tax penalties
  • You had a recent tax adjustment made on your tax return by the Tax Authorities
  • You are defending a tax authority challenge e.g. on transfer pricing or claiming of expenses

We can help you by...

  • Review your current or planned structure and provide you with our no-strings-attached complimentary opinion
  • Provide you with our professional tax opinion
  • Assist you in obtaining a binding advanced tax ruling
  • Prepare tax computations and related tax forms on your behalf
  • Advise you on what you could be doing differently to save on tax or penalties
  • Ensure that your tax forms and payments of any taxes are done correctly and on time