The Department of Taxation has recently announced an extension of the deadline for submitting the Individual Income Tax Declaration for the year 2022. This update grants individuals more time to fulfill their tax obligations and comes in response to a Decree issued by the Ministry Council on June 9, 2023. As a result of the Decree, the deadline for submission has been extended to 2 October 2023.

It’s worth noting that the Individual Income Tax Declaration for 2022 is not yet available for submission on the TAXISnet system. The delay is due to pending approval of amending legislation by the Parliament, specifically regarding the exemption of first employment remuneration in the Republic. Users of the TAXISnet system will receive timely notifications and electronic messages once the declaration form is ready for submission. Therefore, it’s crucial to stay updated through official announcements and adhere to the guidelines provided by the Department.

This deadline extension applies to individuals whose gross total income for the year 2022 exceeds €19,500. If you fall into this category as an employee, pensioner, or self-employed individual, it’s mandatory to submit your Individual Income Tax Declaration for 2022 by the new deadline.

Ensuring compliance with your tax obligations is vital to avoid penalties or legal complications. Stay informed about the new deadline and make sure you’re prepared to submit your declaration accurately and punctually.

Our dedicated team is available to provide assistance and guidance, ensuring the correct completion of your declaration form. Contact us for any support you may need.